We are a collective of 14 staff members and 10 board members scattered across the world. We have offices in Davao (in the Philippines), Montréal (in Canada) and Mexico City (in Mexico), with other members of our collective located in Argentina, India, Uganda and the UK. Despite the distance between us, we work closely together on a daily basis via the internet and travel. This page lets you get to know us a little better. Click on the links to find out more about each person.


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Latin America Director
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Asia Director
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Programme Manager
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Finance and Admin Manager
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Communications Coordinator
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Programme Manager
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Digital Content and Narrative Lead
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Administrative and Finance Assistant
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Research and Administrative Assistant
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Finance & Administration Assistant
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Administrative and Finance Officer

Board Members

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President of Board of Trustees
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Board Member
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also Friends of ETC, USA
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Board Member
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Executive Committee Member
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Executive Committee Member
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Board Member
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Board Member
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Board Member
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Board Member

Other people who help us

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Research / Outreach
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AfriTAP consultant
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Research and translation