November 08, 2023

The Politics of Technology

The Politics of Technology is an invitation from A Growing Culture and ETC Group to explore different ways of thinking about technology and its influence at every level of our lives — from global economic structures, to food production, to the ways we communicate. Through the booklet, we encourage a shift towards the idea that all technology is political.

Within the publication, we:

  • Explore the numerous ways we can define “technology”
  • Challenge the key assumptions many of us hold about technology
  • Unpack the intentions behind technologies
  • Discuss the ways control over technology has shifted over time
  • Provide case studies of different technologies

The Politics of Technology draws on conversations between A Growing Culture; ETC Group; La Vía Campesina; the Alliance for Food Sovereignty in Africa; the International Union of Food, Agricultural, Hotel, Restaurant, Catering, Tobacco and Allied Workers’ Associations; and Pat Mooney. We are grateful for our partnership with Center for Story-based Strategy, and the support of The 11th Hour Project to create this work. It is intended not to impose a framework, but to offer food for thought and to spark conversations within our movements. 


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